Land or Cabin selling process and how we help

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Market analysis pricing-and the market

It is important you know what the value of your Land is in todays market and know what the current market trends that will affect your value, timing or even if it a good decision to sell now. We have actually helped clients make the decision to not make a move.

Proprietary Marketing

By submitting the form below we will send you an email with a link to all details of our proprietary marketing. Once you are convinced we are the best fit to sell your property we included a link to the paperwork online to hire us to market your property.

Negotiations-Offers, Contracts and Paperwork

These details are very important. You don't want to leave this part to just any novice licensee just learning the ropes. Our experienced team will guide you through the process along the way. With over 37 years in the real estate business (Most of those as a Broker owner) has given us a little wisdom in the real estate business

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